What is your screening policy?

Application process

  • Applications are given out to anyone requesting to apply. We will contact you within three business days as to your application status.

Application Form

  • Only completed application forms will be considered.
  • All applicants over the age of 18 must each submit individual applications.

Prior Rental History

  • We require the information necessary to contact current and previous landlords.
  • Rental history must be verifiable by impartial sources.

Financial Sufficiency

  • Income sources are to be verified.
  • Employment verification.
  • Total unit income is to be three times the rent.
  • Co‐signers and or increased deposits may be required for lack of verifiable information.

Credit/Criminal/Background Checks

  • Credit, criminal and background will be preformed on all applicants, over the age of 18.
  • Criminal conviction(s) may result in denial of tenancy.
  • Credit worthiness shall be determined from a credit report, which should reflect prudent payment history. Applicant(s) history should be free of evictions, judgments, collections, and bankruptcies. The Owner /Agent may consider a valid explanation if provided by the applicant(s).


  • Applicant(s) will not be denied on the basis of race, religion beliefs, or age.


Do you require renters insurance?

To protect our renters, we require renters insurance; it is a part of your agreement with us and proof of insurance is required before you can take possession of your rental.  Anyone who resides in a rental unit needs renters insurance. Although your landlord may have insurance to cover their losses, it will only protect structures, not personal belongings. If there were ever an incident that occurred within a rental unit, insurance companies may hold tenants responsible for injury to another person or for damage to property.

Imagine that there is a fire and the damage is a total loss to you and the property owner.  Renters insurance helps to ensure that if the damage to the property was through tenant negligence, or by accident, the tenant is not required to pay for repairs or replacement of personal items or structure out of pocket.


Do you accept online payments?

In January, 2015 we began accepting online payments from current tenants.  If you wish to pay your rent online, please contact the office and ask for a Tenant Portal Activation Email.